Can A Dog transmit HIV in any way?


Hi Damon,

First of all I want to thank you all for your help and generosity throughout the past years.

Secondly, I want to point out that I have anxiety issues when it comes to HIV.

My question is, if a dog licked some HIV positive blood, and then licked someone else on the mouth or licked someone elses cut, will HIV be transmitted? What if the HIV blood is present in the dogs feces and when the owner picks up the poo, he accidentally touches the blood, with a cut on his hand?

Please reply; I hope you can understand my concerns.


Thank you for reading The Body through the years and allowing us to be a source of healthy information and facts for you. Please share with others if you find this forum helpful!

In a word, the answer to your concerns is, "no." There is no risk of transmitting HIV in any of the scenarios you describe. Here's why:

(1) HIV must have a route of transmission directly from one human person's body into the mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual intercourse or IV drug transmission are the more common routes between adults. It cannot be transmitted through casual contact such as touching, kissing, crying, licking, rubbing genitals, sharing utensils, sharing a toilet seat, etc.

(2) "HIV" stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, meaning it is something only humans can acquire and transmit to one another. A dog could not acquire nor transmit HIV on their tongue or in their poo or any other part of their body.

I understand the anxiety about HIV. We have been conditioned for most of the past 36 years to believe HIV is a punishment for connecting with others; that it is an ominous monster lurking behind every corner, every encounter, every touch, every embrace. The truth is, HIV is not a punishment, it is not a lurking to get you, and it is actually a pretty difficult virus to acquire.

Although HIV Phobia is not an official clinical diagnosis, I believe this article offers a very accurate description of a phenomenon many people cope with everyday:

I hope this information allows you to relax and experience connection with others that is satisfying, meaningful, and rewarding. For more information about how HIV is and is not transmitted, please visit our resources here at The Body: