What can be detected or seen in x-ray


Female 38,AIDS.CD4 159 VL-109,000 . History of bronchitis,tonsilitis,Hypertension,HPV,anemic,seizure,fatique,high cholesterol,sinusitis.

No present meds except for dapsone and BP meds.

X-ray was taken recently. What can show up or detected in an x-ray in my status? Will it show any OI? or must I have

symptoms for test to show? I also know that I must be on treatment for aids, and have in the past but have stopped due to the fact that I just cannot tolerate the side effects. Am unable to function.

Thanks for any advise.


An X-ray can pick up "shadows" that don't belong in certain partsof the body, but you cannot tell from an X-ray what is causing the abnormal shadow. You need other tests,like blood tests or biopsies, for that. A chest X-ray can looklike pneumonia, but it can't tell you what kind of germ is causing the pneumonia.