Can I be denied for Group Life Insurance if I complete EOI


I recently was told of Group Life Insurance through my employer, and at the meeting I was told that if I got an $80000 policy I wouldn't need to complete an EOI. However, after I turned in the paperwork to get that started, I was contacted by the HR rep stating that I was needing to complete an EOI, otherwise the insurance's corporate office wouldn't process any requests with out an EOI, regardless of the amount. If I disclose my status, can they deny me coverage?


They will make a decision based on the EOI information. However, if it is a group policy with guaranteed issue up to $80,000 and based on your EOI, you are uninsurable, you should get the $80,000 but no more, even if you had future salary increases. Without more information on the terms of the policy, I cannot provide a definitive answer.