Can a car wreck effect HIV?


I was in a car wreck about a month ago(was sitting at stoplight then rammed from behind; not haha). I have been positive for 24+ years with mostly complications with side-effects from medications. I have not felt "right" since the accident. I was already not in the best physical condition mostly fatigue (thyroid OK, testosterone OK, diet OK, no smoke/alcohol & was exercising at gym 3Xweek (CD4 about 380, VL undetectable) but have been on disability for 14 years because I just can't maintain function on a regular, reliable basis from the point of work.

My question is, could this car wreck make me worse immunologically? I have been in physical therapy for 2 1/2 weeks, taking pain meds less than the prescribed t.i.d.(I take enough pills already). Should I follow up with my ID doc about this or are these two things totally unrelated?? I am afraid that my immune system has been effected by this pretty traumatic accident. (my small, 2 door car was totalled by a Jeep Cherokee and pushed into a large pickup truck). I don't know who else to ask as everyone thinks I'm whining about my neck and back (both of which hurt) and I don't want to go in to see my ID doc just to be told that its all in my head, or I'll just recover.

Any insight you could give on this would be greatly appreciated as have all of your answers through the years. Thanks for all your help.



A car collision can wreck your car, wreck your day and wreck your body if you get banged up. But a car collision doesn't directly affect your immune system or the course of your HIV infection. If you are not feeling well or have had significant problems with fatigue recently, see your HIV specialist for an evaluation.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob