if a person is indeed going thru ARS this is the body fighting the virus. Can the body defeat the virus at this point or is is too late if this is indeed ARS? One more question, and i know this is probably a stupid question but I want to ask anyway. If a person is indeed has ARS can the person pass just the symptoms to someone else and not the hiv virus, such as thrush or sore throat. I know these might sound like stupid questions but pleas answer. Thanks.



No such thing as a stupid question in this forum . . . . Well, OK maybe a few, but they are only asked by folks who voted for Bush and are still convinced he's doing a heck of a job!

ARS stands for Acute Retroviral Syndrome. It occurs as the body's immune system kicks into action to fight an HIV infection. It occurs several weeks after infection. The person experiencing ARS is HIV positive and has been for several weeks. No, the body's immune response against HIV that causes the ARS cannot defeat the virus.

Regarding transfer of "symptoms," no, this is not possible. Symptoms occur as a consequence of having an underlying condition or disease. So if you don't transmit the disease, you cannot transmit the symptoms that occur as a result of having it.

Dr. Bob