can aids be reversed to just hiv possitive?


i was diagnosed recently with a cd4 of 41 viral load over a milion, been on meds a month. after 1st month cd4 up to 300 vial down to 1200. if meds continue to work will i be out of aids and back to an hiv catagory?> i am very scared dr seems very positive with results so far. i am 54 i dont want to die yet. i look heathy feel well so far. please help with any info thnk you



This question of HIV positive versus "full blown AIDS" comes up fairly frequently. We don't use the term "full blown AIDS" anymore, as there is no such thing as partially blown AIDS. In many ways we really shouldn't be using the term "AIDS" either, as it is an artificial diagnosis. The more appropriate and accurate terminology would be HIV disease, which can then be further characterized by words, such as early, asymptomatic, advanced or late stage, etc. The term AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) was coined by the CDC before we fully understood the cause of HIV/AIDS. It was an epidemiological tool used to track the spread of the disease. Today, in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the term no longer suggests the same dire clinical course of rapid progression to death. In fact there are many HIVers who carry the AIDS diagnosis but who are quite "healthy." Some are actually more "healthy" and immunologically fit than some folks who don't qualify for AIDS and are "only HIV positive."

As for your direct question, once someone qualifies for an AIDS diagnosis, it remains, even if the patient significantly improves, both clinically and in all laboratory parameters (CD4 count, viral load, etc.). See below for a link to additional information on this topic in the archives.

Don't worry about dying. Focus on living!

Dr. Bob