Can an AIDS patient live long as normal as possible?


Hi Ben,

I was suffering from AIDS with a CD4 of 7 in 2011 and a viral load of 300,000. Now I am undetectable and a CD4 of about 300. Used to suffer from advanced KS but has since stopped from extensive chemo treatment for 1 year. The chemo really did wonders as I felt rejuvenated that time. I am now living normally and taking Truvada/Isentress religiously. So far, been well, hardly sick nowadays. But I am still worried about how long can I live ? Some people told me I can only live for 8 years as I was an AIDS sufferer before, but my doctor told me I should have a normal life expectancy as I am strong he said. Would appreciate your advise on this? I hope I will live long enough to see a cure or a functional cure for this disease.


Hello and thanks for posting.

I agree with your doctor. Normal life span is entirely possible with access to and adherence to medications. Large studies from the US and Europe have estimate this to be the average among people in care and on treatment.

You're on an excellent regimen, and now the focus should shift from AIDS to prevention of aging-related health concerns, like heart, kidney, bone diseases and cancer.

Hope that helps. Be well, BY