California: San Diego GLBT Historic Task Force Launches Campaign for San Diego AIDS Memorial

The San Diego Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Task Force is planning a campaign to create an AIDS memorial in San Diego. San Diego County Health Statistics show that the county has registered7,638 deaths from AIDS. City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez agreed that some type memorial is long overdue to commemorate and remember their lives.

The task force stated that the memorial will be its main focus in 2013, and it will establish an AIDS memorial coalition to work on the campaign. The coalition will include representatives from the county's diverse communities and citizens, and the task force will seek wide community input and private funding and contributions. So far, the form or location of the memorial has not been decided. According to Ramirez, the coalition has informed the mayor and council president of its decision and commitment to make a San Diego AIDS memorial a reality.