California: Giants, Nonprofit Mark 20 Years of AIDS Awareness

The Until There's a Cure (UTAC) Foundation and the San Francisco Giants baseball team will mark the 20th annual "Until There's a Cure" game on Tuesday, May 21, when the Giants play the Washington Nationals at AT&T Park. The UTAC event will feature a pregame home plate ceremony titled "Together We Can," honoring the Giants' late pitcher, Rod Beck, who was the inaugural celebration's spokesperson. UTAC Executive Director Nora Hanna declared, "The Giants were the first team of any major league sport to recognize HIV and AIDS was a problem in our community. Twenty years ago, they gave us an awareness game," and the events have taken place every year since then.

UTAC, a Redwood City, Calif.-based nonprofit, also is marking its 20th anniversary in 2013. The foundation helps groups worldwide to end HIV/AIDS. Hanna noted that the UTAC event "reminds people that HIV and AIDS is still strong in all communities, and that the best way to stop it is to get tested, know your status, and really be part of the solution." The event will urge fans to collaborate on services, research, and vaccine development. The foundation will sell T-shirts and bracelets throughout the ballpark. UTAC hopes to raise $40,000 at the event. Each year, most of the Giants players wear small red ribbons on their uniforms honoring "Until There's a Cure."

In 2012, UTAC used money from the Giants event to provide grants; however, the foundation is not issuing a call for grant proposals this year. Rather, UTAC will use approximately $20,000 to support its internship program. Hanna stressed that UTAC wants to "inspire the next generation to get involved in the fight" against HIV/AIDS. Current scientists, advocates, and others have been working at it for a long time. Hanna explains, "We need someone to pick up the torch." The interns' fields will range from public policy to molecular biology. The other half of the money UTAC hopes to raise at the game will go toward buying bracelets and supporting other awareness programs. To learn more about UTAC or to purchase bracelets or other items in support of the foundation's work, visit