California Cancels Contract With ADAP Administrator; HIV Advocates Hopeful for a Better System

In a move to fix ongoing service provision problems by the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), the California Department of Public Health announced today that they have terminated a contract with ADAP administrator A.J. Boggs, effective March 31. This decision comes after continuing complaints from ADAP clients and enrollment workers, and pressure from HIV advocacy groups and key members of the legislature concerned about the frustrations and difficulties that people living with HIV have been experiencing with the ADAP system.

Enrollment workers and HIV advocates are optimistic about the decision, and hopeful that the change will bring about much-needed improvements to the ADAP system.

"We are thankful that the State Office of AIDS has responded to our requests for change," said Courtney Mulhern-Pearson, director of state and local policy at San Francisco AIDS Foundation. "The last seven months have been extremely disruptive for clients trying to obtain their medication through ADAP, and many of them have been denied coverage since the switch to A.J. Boggs. We want to make sure that people living with HIV in our state are never without coverage or care for the medications they need."

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