Does caffeine and alcohol interrupt arvs


Good Day I am HIV positive south african woman and a fan of caffeinated drinks especially coca cola and coffee.Recently i was told that caffeine have an effect on antiretrovirals and it lowers the immune system.I need to know if it is true or not.

If i take alcohol does it also affect the functionality of antiretrovirals?A friend(who is a medical nurse) told me that if i take alcohol about 4 hours after taking antiretrovirals there is no problem.She told me that I have to eat,take antiretrovirals and wait for 4 hours for the meds to be absorbed by the body before i can take alcoholic drinks.Please explain if it is true or not


Well, there are likely some theoretical risks here, but difficult to substantiate. Drinking alcohol can affect liver metabolism, which is the primary place that HIV drugs are metabolized. Alcohol can also affect certain aspects of the immune system as well. These are unlikely to occur to any great degree if consumed in moderation and other problems don't exist in the liver like hepatitis C virus infection. With respect to caffeine, there could be some drug interactions possible again in the liver where caffeine and particularly HIV protease inhibitors are metabolized, but again, many people with HIV infection on HIV meds drink coffee or other caffeinated products and I haven't seen any obvious effects.