Bumps and Lumps on the penis


i am 19 years old and from as long as i could remember i have had these lumps on my penis.i really started noticing them when i hit puberty.there is many of them smaller than the size of a BB. and when i feel them they feel like little hard balls. they run along the underside of my penis as well. and under close examination i have noticed that there is a tiny hair growing out of each one lump. I know it can't be a std or could it? i have had them before i have ever made sexual contact with any girl. please let me know whats going on so i can feel better about myself. and is there any kind of over the conter medication i could use??? thank you


Never use over-the-counter medication on your genitals, unless your doctor recommends it.

Many men have small bumps or growths on their penis that are not related to sexually transmitted infections, but may be small cysts or fibrous tissue (which are harmless), some occurring at the base of the penis (around the hair follicles) or around the rim of the head of the penis. They are probably not STD related if these bumps have been there for a long time, you are not at risk for sexually transmitted infections, and if they don't itch, burn, or feel painful. If you remain unsure and anxious, maybe you should talk with your primary care physician.

It's quite likely that these are related to changes you experience during puberty, specifically hormonal chagnes and the growth of hair in your genital region.

I would recommend that you find someone to talk with about sexual development -- for instance, a doctor or a school counselor -- or maybe even learn about your body and its changes by reading some literature on the subject. The changes in your body during adolescence can be confusing if experienced in isolation.