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Building a Strategic Plan by and for U.S. Women Living With HIV: Improving Lives, Upholding Rights

Part Two of a Two-Part Conversation With Founding Members of the Positive Women's Network of the United States of America

    Pat Kelly Wilks
    Dee Borrego Vanessa Johnson Naina Khanna Waheedah Shabazz-El Pat Kelly Wilks
    Overview of PWN-USA Strategic Plan 2014-2016
    "We asked very specific questions about different aspects of the work that we were doing: the policy work, the leadership development work, the regional organizing work, the anti-stigma work. Everybody said, 'Yes, you need to be doing what you're doing.' But mostly what they told us is that we needed to be doing _more_." -- Naina Khanna
    "What I'd like to see for PWN in the next five years is to ... become the leading force and power for women living with HIV in these United States." -- Pat Kelly Wilks
    "Another thing that we're committed to is continuing to produce that type of original research, where the questions are really designed and generated by women living with HIV, because they address the real issues going on in our lives." -- Naina Khanna
    Olivia G. Ford

    Olivia G. Ford


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