Bruising after HIV test


Last week, I took my 1st HIV test at 9.5 weeks possible exposure. 2 blood tests were taken. It's now been almost a week, and I still have a yellowish-green bruise (1" x 2" rectangle) where the blood was taken. It's very slightly tender/sore when I touch it, but definitely not overly so. Also, I took the band-aide off a day after the blood was taken, and I'm not sure if I was supposed to do that.

Is this normal? How long before the bruising subsides? As you can tell, I'm very stressed out to begin with & now this! I wont know my test results for another week. Does this increase the likliehood that my HIV test will turn out possible? Is there anything I can do to help with the bruising? Please answer ASAP if you can. Thank you.


Depending on the skill of the phlebotomist who takes the blood, you may have bruising from the procedure. It is very common after the procedure. It has nothing to do with HIV. MH