Bruise and sperm


Hi Bob! I wrote a thank you message about a year ago, promising not to have anymore wild student sex. However, i made the mistake of attending a fetish party the other night and ended up giving handjobs to lots of people, who came on me but not inside me (mouth or vagina.) I was also spanked alot, including on m breasts. I was later told by a guy that he is positive and he came on my breasts twice that night. As i was spanked i was quite bruised, but had no open cuts as far as i can tell. All the skin seems intact, but i was wondering if having alot of bruising could lead to hiv passing through the skin? I'm very, very, very scared. I can't stop shaking from fear. I understand that you're VERY busy, and so i don't expect a reply from you, but if you would be so very kind as to reply, it would mean the world to me!

Thanks for all the amazing work you do!



Hello Catherine,

Your breasts were spanked so hard they got bruised??? OUCHAMAGOUCHA!

Regarding HIV, the virus cannot penetrate intact skin. Bruised skin is still considered to be intact, as long as there are no cuts, wounds or abrasions. If, however, you feel you placed yourself at risk for HIV, I'd suggest you get a single rapid HIV test at the three-month mark to put any residual fears permanently to rest. Also, I would ask you to vividly remember this "I'm very, very, very scared; I can't stop shaking from fear" feeling. It may help you avoid ever placing yourself at risk in the future.

Stay safe; play safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob