Breathing and stomach problems



I don't know wether to ask this as an OI infection or not as people with HIV get ill with normal stuff as well I guess. I am having a little trouble with my breathing, at certain times of the day I have to actually sort of actually think about breathing, almost a sort of shortness of breath but like not being able to breath in my full quota. Also my stomach to top of ribs area just seems harder to me than normal (may be wrong). Also getting loads of gurgling/stomach rumbling and I feel sometimes like I have to burp to relieve a bit of pressure. Weird thing is after food I seem to be a little better. Also seems to get worse as the day goes on but generally wake up feeling not too bad. May not be the case but it seems to flair up worse after not being to bad for a couple of days if I drink any alcohol but this may not be too related. Any ideas? Thanks!


Your stomach problem may be gastritis. The information you gave about your breathing is too non-specific for me to pin down. Please see your doctor so these problems can be sorted out appropriately.