Breast sucking while lactating


Dr Bob,

Thanks for all the advice you have given over the times.

I will donate to the cause as soon as I can find the link.

But my problem is that, two weeks ago, I was at a strip club and getting a dance from a lady. It did not appear she was lactating, but I sucked her breast and a few drops of breast milk came into my mouth. I immediately spit it out and kept spitting multiple times for at least the next half hour. I'm not aware of any open wounds in my mouth at that time. I m really worried and cannot concentrate on anything. Am I at risk here ? Please let me know the implications of getting HIV by consuming breast milk.




The HIV transmission risk from sucking a few drops of breast milk from the bodacious silicone-inflated tatas of a Bouncing Betty at a local Badda Bing is nonexistent. Relax Max. All is well (including you). Neither worry nor HIV testing is warranted. You can read more about this in the archives of this forum. Have a look1

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated.

Be well.

Dr. Bob