Brazil Soccer Star Kicks Off HIV Prevention Drive Ahead of World Cup

This article was reported by GlobalPost.

GlobalPost reported that the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) announced on April 16 that, in buildup for the World Cup, it had named Brazilian football star David Luiz as its "International Goodwill Ambassador" to help encourage fans, especially younger ones, worldwide to participate in efforts to prevent the spread of HIV. The program also intends to target discrimination toward individuals diagnosed with HIV. According to UNAIDS Chief Michel Sidibe, the appointment of Luiz could make a powerful difference, since the player's homeland is hosting the World Cup in June and "everyone's eyes will be on Brazil and David will be an inspiration both on and off the pitch." UNAIDS statistics reveal that approximately 5.4 million of the estimated 35.3 million individuals diagnosed with HIV globally are between 10-24 years of age.