Two years ago I was diagnosed with HIV and brain lesions. Eventually the brain lesion cause my whole right side, as well as my tongue, became paralyzed. The doctors couldn't figure out what was causing my brain lesion (they ruled out PML, toxo), so they had to drill a hole in my head and got a sample of it. They couldn't figure out what it was. I started to get better because of the HIV drugs and antibiotics they were pumping into me. Because I couldn't move my tongue, they put a feeding tube directly into my stomach. When I got out of the hospital (2-1/2 months later) I could feed myself (they took the tube out) and had to learn to walk and talk again. It has been 2 years since then. I still use a cane and my talking is getting slowly better. You have to listen to me carefully to understand what I'm saying.

What I want to know is this, are there any people like me? I still can't write or type with my right hand.


Yes, there are. It is often difficult to make a specific diagnosis of brain lesions in HIV+s, even with a biopsy. Many other individuals have a history like yours, where they slowly get better with HIV medications and physical/occupational therapy. I suspect that you and the others I've seen may have had PML, even though the biopsy wasn't diagnostic.