my boyfriends black spot on bottom of foot


Hi I have been with my boyfriend for about three months now, and I have noticed a flat black spot on the bottom of his foot the size of a pencil eracer.or a little larger. are the symptoms of Kaposi's sarcoma of a black spot? how long after being infected do they show up? I have been kissing him, and have been having unprotected sex for he had a vesectomy too. can woman spread it? if I am infected how long would it take ? and what would I look for? and where? I have seen no more that I am aware of at this time. I do love him and want him to be my husband. if he is infected and I do contract it what do we do? can I get tested for the aids virus? should he get tested? he goes to the doctor in september. he don't know I have been searching on this. I did mention the spot to him that it was a weird looking spot that the doctor should look at. I have no spots at this time. , and would he need a chest ex-ray? Thank You so much! concerned


I can sense your anxiety about this situation. I will try to address some of your concerns, but I can only give you general information. The only way to know for sure what is the cause of the spots would be to have them examined by a health care professional.

Kaposi sarcoma is a condition that is seen in people with HIV infection (although others..ususally middle aged-older Mediterranen men can also have it). It can occur as an initial presentation of AIDS, but it generally would take some time (even several years or more) to develop in some. The spots tend to be more common on the extremities (arms, legs, ears, tips of the nose) and may be purplish in color because they are made up of blood vessels.

The safeest thing to do would be to have sex using a latex barrier (male condom or female condom) until you have yourselves tested for HIV. Routine HIV testing of all adults. You should discuss your desire to move forward with your relationship and make HIV testing a part of that commitment.