A boss that thinks he's GOD


I'm asking you this question to see if I have enough legal rights to sue my previous boss for sexual harressment, verbal abuse, slavery treatment as well as illegal work place behavior. I don't want to sue him for the reasons of money but for human integrity.

I was working for this man in McLean, VA who is owner and President of his company. When I first started there he would throw sponge balls against the wall to hit me in the head, he would not let us go out for lunch but we had to take lunch there in the kitchen so if he needed us to do something he knew where we were. Sometimes I would just be sitting down to have lunch and he would say "come hither" and get my lunch. I would have to drive my car and get him his lunch almost everyday and of coarse he didn't pay for gas(sometimes he didn't give me enough money and I would have to pay for it and he would not pay me back.) Anyways, needless to say I would'nt have lunch because he needed me to work on someting. There were times I didn't have my lunch break or any break during the day and had to work extra hours that was not compensated. We had no time and 1/2 and no comp time. There was a white board in the kitchen that had everyones travel/time schedule with their names on it but for the females at the company it would say "The Girls". He would comment on how we should go to the Ritz for lunch (hotel room) which was across the street. Even if it was a joke it was embarrassing. He told me that my breast were too small one time. He made jokes about my boyfriend saying he was gay. He calls his executives a "faggot" if he didn't like the way they dress. He would call me a moran, idiot and I would end up going home crying and not wanting to return to the office. I was laid off from my job of 4 1/2 years because of 9-11 and it took me 7 months to find a job so I stayed and took the abuse but it paid a price on me since I ended up having severe anxiety. He told me I was incompetent and useless at times. I worked at my other job for all those years and got high reviews and, as well, I have not had one complaint at my new job. He would yell and scream at me when he was wrong and once he realized he would not apoligize. He used racist slurs as well as religious comments. The list goes on and on. I don't think any human being should put up with this type of behaviour. He is a lunatic and needs canceling but in the meantime he hurts his employees by making himself feel big by insulting and humiliating others.


Is there something you didn't mention? Is there a connection to HIV here? In any case, you worked for a jerk. Unless you have thousands of dollars and several years of your life that you'd like to devote to trying to get back at a jerk, I suggest that you move on, kick yourself for not leaving there sooner, and turn your anger into positive action. Suing is not positive action. In this case, it's vengeance, which is overrated. That's obviously an opinion, but opinions are what you get in an online forum, so I assume that's what you wanted.