bone graft and hiv risk


Dr. Bob, Love your site and would be more than happy to donate to your great work. Here is my question, I feel I am at no risk. I just want some confirmation. I had a root canal several years ago and had a crown placed on the tooth. The crown came off and my dentist recommended an inplant. I had the tooth extracted and a bone graft was done with puros, which is cadaver bone. Four days later I had swelling in the gum and severe pain. The oral surgeon gave me an antibiotic, he did mention that this can happen but it is rare. I then became concerned about hiv/hepatitis risk from the bone product. Is this even a worry and does it warrant testing? I know that bone grafting is used all the time in dental offices and orthopedic surgeries, I think the infection threw me for a loop. I am married and have children and this seems to be consuming me, do you think I am ok?



I agree with your assumptions: "no risk!" HIV/hepatitis screening is not warranted.

Relax Max! All is well, including you!

Dr. Bob