boil on the side of penis


Doc, I just posted one question about some white spots on tongue 8 days after completing PEP treatment. I forgot to mention one more thing. I have also noticed a boil that has come up on my penis. It is not towards the tip. It is actually somewhere in the middle on the outer skin. It causes no pain. It is just slightly bigger than a boil but looks slightly stout.

I am planning to show it to a specialist. My question is - is this considered a HIV symptom? Also, if it is serious, should I be going to ER. The earliest appointment I got with the specialist was a week from now. Is it okay to wait till then?



A painless lesion on the shaft of the penis could be syphilis. I'd recommend you have this checked out sooner rather than later. You could have it evaluated at most health departments, STD clinics or urgent care centers. Your general medical doctor or a dermatologist would also be able to assist you. Evaluation of this problem does not require an HIV specialist.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob