Bodybuilding and HIV: Supplements and Steroids


Is it possible for me to still aspire to be a bodybuilder given that to be one requires a lot of supplements and sometimes steroids to achieve the goal? I am currently taking TENOFOVIR DISOPROXIL FUMERATE - LAMIVUDINE - EFAVIRENZ for almost 4 months.


Anabolic steroids have been used in the past to treat HIV wasting.

These compounds can increase lean body mass but may have side effects that you need to be educated about:

Testosterone and anabolic steroids potential side effects

Anabolic steroids also shut down your body's own testosterone, so they should be used with testosterone to avoid loss of libido.

Doctors get concerned when they see increased hematocrit and decreased HDL (good) cholesterol. Some may see these as red flags that you may be using steroids, so lying to doctors may not be smart.

Some supplements can increase liver enzymes and creatinine. These factors may alarm your doctor.

I believe in not moralizing the use of these compounds but on embracing harm reduction strategies via education. An educated bodybuilder is a healthy bodybuilder (not too common in that world).

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