Body Massage -- HIV risk?



Recently I was foolish enough to have a wet body massage in Thailand. This involved the girl sliding her naked body over mine, with the help of some soapy water. No sex occurred and I don't think there was much, if any, direct genital/genital contact. Would this be a risk for HIV transmission (possibly via vaginal secretions if there were any ??)? thanks a lot.


Read through Rick Sowadsky's responses to Frequently Asked Questions and some of my recent responses on this site. Also look through answers to questions about Transmission (Sexual) and Transmission (Non-Sexual).

No cases of HIV have been reported to be transmitted outside of anal, vaginal and oral sex. No cases of transmission have occurred through receiving oral sex, fingering (finger-fucking), mutual masturbation, massage, lap dancing, handshakes, touching, rubbing, wrestling, and the like. HIV is not transmitted by casual contact. Look at Rick's Casual Contact list to get an idea of what constitutes casual contact.

Try to look at the facts and separate them from the circumstances. If you are engaging in contact other than oral, anal, and vaginal sex, it is irrelevant if the person was a prostitute or a lap dancer or a gay male. It's the behavior (fluids coming into contact with mucous membranes) that adds up to HIV risk.

Get to know Rick's and my responses. It might be helpful to anticipate what we would say in response to your story. It's more often low-risk than not. If you still have trouble working through your anxiety, you might consider talking to a counselor.

Hope this helps.