Bloood in frozen lemon drink


In 2004, I was drinking a frozen lemon drink slushee thing that I bought from a vendor when I suddenly noticed that there was a reddish-pink patch in the ice. I have had problems with being paranoid about HIV before and started freaking out internally, but was trying to act normal. Then my boyfriend asked me for a bite of the slushee, and for some reason I do not understand I let him take a bite of the pink-red part. The color was noticeable because the rest of the drink was pale white-yellow. I felt incredibly guilty about this and don't know what I was thinking. At the time I didn't know about PEP prophylaxis so I didn't think of that or say anything to him. However, I then checked the internet and saw all your answers about hiv not ever having been transmitted in food, so I kind of put it to rest. This all came back to mind when a few months ago he developed a spot on his torso that I think looks like Kaposi sarcoma. Or a flat mole. We have had unprotected sex for all of these years. I am female. I do not have HIV, at least not the last time I was tested which was early this year. I don't think I would be so worried about this if it had happened to me, but I feel so guilty that I could have potentially put him in danger. I am afraid to tell him this, because he will either think that I am insane for worrying or evil for having given him the slushee.
Am I crazy Bob? Should I tell him about this? He has no other reason for getting tested and is never sick.


Thanks for sharing. Now, did you have a question?

As for the reddish-pink frozen lemon slushy thing, I see absolutely no cause for concern. PEP certainly would not be warranted. Stop worrying about frozen tasty treats! (Although I do seem to remember a warning from my mother many years ago to "never eat yellow snow.")

Dr. Bob