bloody surfaces?


What are the chances of contracting HCV through contaminated surfaces? What type of open wound would you have to have for this to be a risk and would the risk still be low even if you had a weeping cut? Would a good amount of blood have to be present in a "surface" type exposure? When should one be concerned? Would the situation have to be something that would be obvious... I guess is what I am asking. Or would it be possible for a small knick in your skin (that you were unaware was even there)to come into contact with a little amount of blood on a surface (but was not enough to draw attention to you). I am thinking if it were this easy to contract.... a lot more people would have it. Would it really have to be someone with a bleeding wound rubs their wound into another bleeding wound on an HCV infected person? Thank you very much for your help.


I agree with you..If it were that easy, more people would be infected. The vast majority of people with hepatitis C at this time admit to injection drug use - even a one time use can do it. Dr. McGovern