Bloody Nose while giving oral sex


Hi Dr. Frascino Recently I gave oral sex to a guy that I had just met. While I was giving this guy head my nose started to bleed alittle, and I wiped my nose off with a napkin. Shortly after this happened he ejactulated down my throat. I got wrapped up in the moment. I am very worried. Please tell me if I am at high risk. Thank you Worried in Florida


Hi Worried in Florida,

You got a bloody nose while sucking a penis Popsicle? Hmm . . . that's usually a mood breaker. That it didn't seem to bother you or Mr. Throbbing Tallywhacker suggests you must be damn good at your "job" (so to speak). As for your HIV-acquisition risk, since Mr. Tallywhacker popped his cork down your throat your bloody nose really would not increase the risk. In other words your HIV-acquisition risk remains the same as any other unprotected receptive oral sex with ejaculation. If you're concerned, get an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. If your nose continues to bleed especially at inopportune times, get an ENT evaluation to find out why or consider joining the cast of HBO's vampire series True Blood!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob