Blood in stool.


I am really scared. Last night I was playing with some sex toys. I had one in my vagina and the other in my anus. I had done this a few times before and nothing had ever happened. This time when I took out the toys, the one I had in my Anus was covered in blood. I am not talking just a tiny drop... It was covered. I am really scared that I may have injured myself badly. I went to the bathroom afterwards and attempted to see if there was anymore bleeding by wiping, but there wasn't. Almost immediately afterward, I felt very warm, dizzy, and my stomach hurt. I went to sleep that night and woke up feeling fine. I haven't been able to poop since. I bought some stool softeners and I am hoping it will help but I am still very very very concerned! Should I see a doctor? Please help, a quick response will be greatly appreciated.



Bright red blood per rectum after using sex toys could be due to a ruptured hemorrhoid, anal fissure or local trauma from overly aggressive use of a dildo. It appears that the bleeding stopped shortly after you removed the sex toys. I doubt this is anything serious; however, I would suggest you have your doctor check it out, particularly if you are experiencing any pain or if the bleeding recurs.

Finally, take it easy with the backdoor action and always remember "lubrication is your friend."

Dr. Bob