blood stains on my trousers


2 months back, I was traveling in a train and the next day i noticed blood stains on my trousers, i really dont have any idea as to from where did i get it from.I didnt have any open wounds on my body, but i ate many things with my bare hands. Suppose if the HIV virus were present on my hands...then

(1)what is my probability to get infected?...

(2)and also is there any other risk involved from the above situation?

(3)and are mild body pains,and mild fever after 8 weeks of exposure,symptoms of HIV?

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your questions,

Here are the answers:

  1. None*

  2. Only from a general sanitary standpoint

  3. Not specifically. The only real symptom of HIV is a positive HIV test result!

Hope this helps!


*To get HIV, a body fluid carrying HIV needs to come out of someone's body and go immediately/directly inside of someone else's body. This didn't happen in your case.