Blood stain on vaginal region of clothes - yuck!


Dear Dr Bob - I am so sorry to be torubling you with this - and I'll admit straight off that I have contacted you in the past with my OCD related enquiries (although not for some time!) Here is my question - you really would be helping to calm me (and many others, I'm sure) if you could respond as it is causing me a great deal of anxiety...I bought a new pair of pyjamas from my local shop. They stayed in the bag for a couple of hours. At bedtime, I put them on, checking inside the trousers VERY briefly. I didn't notice anything untoward so put them on over my knickers. The next morning, I was horrified to discover that there was a very large bloodstain in the vaginal region. Now, this could well have been from me as, yes, you've guessed it, I had started my period in the night...BUT, what if it wasn't mine??? Could HIV have survived being on the PJs, in a carrier bag, for 2 hours (assuming someone had got blood on them just prior to my purchasing them?) ALSO, could it have passed through my knickers into my vaginal mucous membrane? It was a VERY big stain (several inches) so would it have dried up sufficiently in the two hours for HIV to be rendered inactive? PLEASE, Dr Bob, I know you're so, so busy and I know you have to deal with OCDers like me every single day and must be sick to the back teeth of us but I really, really need an answer as I'm going mad with all this. Yes, I'm having therapy but I still desperately need your words of wisdom. I plan on going for yet another test this week if you think it necessary. HELP!!!



If indeed you are currently in therapy for irrational HIV fears, all I can conclude is that the therapy is not working! Sweetie, be reasonable. You bought new pajamas. I'm sure you would have noticed a "VERY big stain (several inches)!" Besides, you started your period that night. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this puzzle! Your HIV risk is nonexistent. Your OCD remains OOC (out of control!). HIV testing is not warranted.

Dr. Bob