blood on salad


Very upset. Just ate a summer salad at restaurant & half way through saw drops of blood on lettuce & basil leaves. Very worried as it is obvious the cook cut finger cutting the ingredients & droplets of blood landed on salad. My gums bleed very very easily when I eat my food so if I have bit down on these salad greens & my gums were bleeding is this situation a risk to me? I am truly scared. Truly scared. Please help me. Thank you


Hi HIV transmission does not occur in this manner. You cannot get it after eating or drinking after someone who is living with HIV. Once HIV leaves the body it begins to die and is unable to infect. There also needs to be significant amount of blood and prolonged exposure through the contact which is why the easiest way for HIV transmission to occur is through unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing needles.

You are HIV free from this experience.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon