Blood in drinking water


Dear Dr. Bob,

Thanks for being around to assist. I had this rather unusual encounter, I was with some friends cum strangers in a party. We were chatting when one stranger who was drinking water at that point in time suddenly burst into laughter. I am sure that spilled water from his mouth did enter my eyes. I am now very worried that the water may contains blood from the strangers bleeding gum or broken lips. Should there be blood in the water, the strangers HIV status unknown and the eyes are mucous membranes. What is my risk level of getting infected? Do I need to get a test done? Waiting patiently for a reply. Please HELP. Thank you very much.



Do you worry about getting struck by a lightning bolt even though it's a wonderful sunny day? Are you concerned that a giant meteor might come crashing through your bedroom ceiling while you are sleeping? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't worry about the laughing stranger spraying your eyeballs with watery saliva. If, on the other hand, you do worry about lightning bolts on sunny days and can't sleep due to the threat of giant meteors, then you need to get help for your anxiety. OK??? So why did the stranger burst out laughing anyway? Did you tell him you were worried about giant cockroaches taking over New York City or something?

Stay well. Keep smiling. You are fine.

Dr. Bob