Blood on Condom


hey Dr im an aussie who went to thaoland and couldnt resist the temptation. I was using a condom but looked down and there was blood all over the condom. My question is If the condom did not break are my chances practically zero.She was very high risk , she was a wking girl in pattaya, did not wkin a bar so had no HIV certificate. Mayby im paranoid . I guess thats what condoms are for hey , to stop blood and bodily fluids. Someone told me that HIV can dart straight thru a condom. Please verify you legend. Kenny from Down under


Hello Down Under Kenny,

First off, just a reminder that questions like these need to be submitted to me at the Safe Sex/ HIV Prevention Forum rather than this forum which is dedicated to folks confirmed to be HIV positive. OK? (Anyone else out there who submitted "am I infected" or "worried well" type questions to this forum, please re-submit those questions to the Safe Sex site.)

Second, you want me to verify if I'm a legend? Now what kind of question is that?

Someone told you HIV could dart straight through a condom? Well that someone is wrong. HIV cannot dart, dash, or cha-cha-cha through a latex condom. So if your condom was in place, your chances are indeed "practically zero."

Don't be "paranoid." Just continue to keep yourself protected by always playing safe, and you'll be fine.

Give my best to Oz. I hope to get there again this year.

Dr. Bob