Bleeding gums and possible infection


Hello there. I am scared that I may have contracted hiv or hep c recently. I have bleeding gums and Im sure this person does to becuase he has very bad dental hygiene. Anyways last week I smoked a whole bunch of marijuana with a meth user, and just now relized that may have been a bad idea. Is it possible that I could have contracted hiv/hep c from this because of the bleeding gums? I have also been worrying for a while now about mabe contracting a disease from coming in to contact with invisable(to the eye)hep c blood on an object then eating and the disease getting in through my bleeding gums. Could you please get back to me so I can get tested if needed or so I get back to my normal self and relex.


I would not expect this to be a risk.

Shared used of intranasal cocaine has been documented to be a risk since the nasal passages are vascular and can break down and bleed.