bleeding deep kiss with symptom repeated ear ache


dear shannon..pleae help me..sorry for my bad english..i from bali indonesia..about 5 months ago i had sex with CSW..i used condom for vaginal sex but received oral without condom..i did deep kissing with the girl during sex..than i feel the blood in my mouth..oh my god..the blood is from the girl's lips..and i have little oral ucler ( sprue ) in my lips..i am verry symptom was repeated ear ache..ON and OFF swollen inside ear (not under or beside ear)..i did test by ag/ab combo CMIA abbot architect : @ week 6 Non Reactive 0,21 @ week 13 Non Reactive 0,26 (at the same laboratory and the same method).. so my question : 1-how accurate my combo test at 6 week and 13 week? i need re test? 2-how about my repeated ear infection..i scarred its due to hiv.. 3-is the antibody part of ag/ab test as accurate as antibody test alone at 13 week?... 4-is "Non reactive" and "Negative" the same things?.. thanks you shannon..God bless you..


Hi Oral HIV transmission is one of the hardest ways to get HIV. Even with blood present and your open sore it is still difficult. Though yes the risk increase some but not a lot.

Non reactive does mean the same as negative. The guidelines for HIV testing are to be initially tested at 3 weeks then again at 90 days, if both of these tests are negative then so are you, as long as there were no other types of exposure during that 3 month period, if so then the timing starts over again.

The ear infection can be just that an ear infection. It doesn't mean you have HIV. If the ear infection doesn't go away I would recommend seeing your healthcare provider for follow up.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon