Blastocystis hominis. Do I Have HIV?


Dear Doctor:

8 months ago I had an unprotected encounter with a prostitute, I have had close encounters with prositutes but everytime with a condom except that one time. Last Months (January and February 2009) I've been feeling sick, I've had nausea, stomach pains, and I've been having an allergic reaction everyday after I eat at night. So I wento to the doctor they gave me these tests and one test said I had Blastocystis hominis, Does That mean I contracted HIV, or does that happen fequently to other patients without necessarily having HIV? Very worried, please help I live in Colombia


Hello Very Worried Colombian Guy,

Having a positive test for Blastocystis hominis means simply you have a Blastocystis hominis infection. It does not automatically mean you have HIV! The only way to determine if you're HIV infected is to get an HIV test.

You had unprotected sex with a prostitute. Consequently you've placed yourself at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. You need an HIV test whether or not you have any symptoms.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob