Biology of STD Transmission


Hi, I went to a strip club and I had a lap dance with a girl. Something like 5-10 minutes dance. She was wearing thongs and I was wearing jeans and my underwear I was in a chair and she was sitting on me and rubbing her (vagina and butt)with lots of friction with my penis area (always my clothes on) in such a way I ejaculated inside my pants.

I have a kind of rash(ring type or eczema) in lower abdomen exactly in the belt region and little bit above. What if some vaginal fluids or blood passes directly touched my rashes for few min (in case my shirt or pant moved aside for few seconds) during those intimate moments Im having a hard time now . Three days after this i had kind of flu , no fever and one day i had kind of swollen lymph.At 49th(& weeks) I took a sd bioline ag/ab dual combo test and it came back negative and my doctor told its more than enough and even said it s a no risk situation. Sorry I am kind of paranoid . please help

I studied that the virus need access to susceptible tissues directly or the virus s rubbed vigourously.In my case she rubbed hard for few min .Will that put me in any kind of risk situation?

  1. Is that my act put me any kind of risk.? 2)Does rashes transmit Hiv (i heard its only theoretical). Rashes and cut can transmit but thr has been no documented cases.) 3)Do i need to test again?


Hello there

There is no way to acquire HIV from a lap dance. HIV can not be transmitted through clothing. Rashes don't transmit HIV. You do not need to be tested again. Take care LHW