Hello Dr. Bob, I'm baaack! Remember me..the sexy Granny that thought she was infected with HIV from a sexual encounter? Well I did have every symptom in the book didn't I? Sore throat, fever, swollen glands, white spots on the tongue...yada yada yada. Well I am happy to report that my 15 week test..I waited extra time just to be sure..was..drum roll please..NEGATIVE!! Big surprise huh?!? This sure goes to show you what tricks the mind can play. "Paranoia striks deep, into your life it will creep." In my preoccupation with HIV I lost two good friends. That is something I will always regret. If I have one piece of advice for people out there, it's not to tell anyone you have HIV untill you actually have a positive 3 month test to prove it. Once you say it, its hard to take it back. I admit, you were right, I should have known better than to have sex without protection..regardless of my age. It won't happen again. And I do hope to have sex again someday. Thank you Dr Bob. Any time you're in the Detroit area I would be pleased and honored to go to the movies with you. I'll get the senior discount, you can buy the popcorn. I'll even spring for a "two for one" senior citizen special at my favorite Italian restaurant. You game? I think intelligent men with a wicked sense of humor are incrediably sexy. Stay well Dr. Bob God Bless Granny

PS Since I know going to the movies with you would be impossible I'm sending the cost of a movie and dinner to your foundation.


Hi Sexy Granny,

Congratulations! What excellent news! Thank you for taking the time to write back and share your story and very sage advice. As for the movie date, well, you just might be surprised again! I travel rather extensively and have indeed met up with folks from this site on many occasions, and have had some absolutely marvelous times. The sushi chef who wanted me to try sea urchin (I stuck to the tempura instead); the photographer who took some very revealing shots of me in the icy waters off a San Francisco beach (no, I won't be posting them); the Las Vegas showgirl who took me backstage to meet the cast (feathers, sequins, and silicone for days) just to mention a few. So keep the movie guide handy, Granny. And if you are going to spring for dinner and the movie, I'll not only get the popcorn, but take you out dancing afterward as well. Maybe we should plan on seeing the film, "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?"

Thanks for the donation, and the smile, Granny. Sorry you lost the two friends, but you've gained one here, O.K.?

Dr. Bob