Dr. Bob,

How ARE you? Hope you are doing fine. Looks like you have been traveling a lot through the summer. Nice to see. Hoping you're having fun.

Quick Question: I did another good deed, but now put myself into a bit of anxiety. I took a friend to get a HIV test. After she got done with the test I am driving her home. She takes the band aid off from where they drew the blood from her arm. Then she is touching everything in the car. Like she was touching the stick shift where I put the car into certain gears. ( Reverse, Neutral, Drive ) Had her hands all over this with that band aid in her hand. The band aid is touching all over the stick shift. You get the picture. I drop her off. 30 minutes later I mess with something in the car and I get a fresh cut that bleeds. Not thinking, I grab the stick shift that she had her hands all over while holding the bandage. Assuming she is HIV+ and I grabbed the stick shift 30 minutes later after she is out of the car, with that fresh scratch (cut) and I mean FRESH !! No Bandage or Band Aid ,, I had nothing at the time to put on it. It is a fresh exposed cut that I accidentally gave my self - What are my chances of getting HIV from this?

Your BFF from Hollywood, Phil


Hello Hollywood BFF Phil,

Once again your fears are completely unwarranted and the HIV-acquisition risk completely nonexistent. In fact she could have handled your personal "stick shift" and the risk would still be nonexistent.

Hope all is well in Hollywood.

Dr. Bob