What's the best way to treat herpes simplex?


Dr. Bob, you and your savvy are legendary/heroic! I'm a healthy poz guy, and after 18 years, have a 560 CD4, and VL is undetectable. I also have anal herpes, and would like your take on recent studies on women; findings conclude that control of herpes simplex with daily treatment or with a vaccine should be considered as a strategy to reduce HIV transmission. ...Would this apply to men as well? I have few "eruptions" that are brought on by stress, so my doc prescribed Valtrex, 1GM, daily, and it's working well. I want to do everything to protect my partner's health - he's neg. Cheers, Doc! s/a Swede in Washington


Hello Swede in Washington,

Although definitive studies in men have yet to be completed, it certainly makes good sense to me! However, I support your doctor's approach! However, I should also note there are some special warnings about use of Valtrex in folks with significant immunodeficiency. Specifically, high doses of Valtrex have proven dangerous in people whose immune system is compromised due to HIV infection, bone marrow transplant or kidney transplant. Consequently, an HIV specialist should oversee the use of this medication in HIVers.

Stay well and congratulations on your 18 years! BRAVO!

Dr. Bob