What are the best supplements to take to stay healthy and Is SOS advance a good supplement to take without side effect?


Hello and thanks for posting.

In general, I do not recommend supplements for my patients. For the vast majority of people living with HIV, the best nutritional approach isn't in a pill, but rather to eat a balanced diet (with adequate amounts of fruits, grains and vegetables, and less fat), get a modest amount of exercise on a regular basis and decrease or quit smoking tobacco.

This will no doubt irk some people, but much of the vitamin and supplement industry is unregulated and without scientific evidence of health benefits. The emerging data from large clinical trials in developed countries fails to show health benefits of multivitamins, antioxidants and the like; some even show detriment. [This statement doesn't apply to people with know nutritional or vitamin deficiencies.] Save the money, eat better food- it's not that complicated, nor requires unneeded spending on over-promoted, unproven supplements.

One of the best reads on this subject is the book, Do You Believe in Magic, written by Professor Paul Offit of the University of Pennsylvania. It's a worthy read.