Best places for PMMA injections?


Dr. Pierone,

I live in Pennsylvania and was wondering the best places to get PMMA? Is it still Dr. Serra in Brazil, or are there places in Canada or closer that could provide service? Dr. Serra uses non-bovine collagen correct?

Is there a non-bovine Artefill used in the US, or does all Artefill contain that?

I have mild lipoatrophy, but want to treat before it gets worse, I am not on meds yet.




Hello and thanks for posting.

The only brand of PMMA available in the United States is Artefill. This product contains bovine collagen in combination with PMMA.

Artecoll is a brand of PMMA available in Canada and it does not contain bovine collagen. I believe the price is similar to Artefill so there is probably not much to be gained from a trip to Canada for Artecoll.

Dr Serra in Brazil has many years of experience with PMMA and has an excellent reputation. Dr. Casavantes in Mexico also is an expert with PMMA injections and would be an excellent choice as well. One of the advantages of PMMA outside of the United States is the much lower cost. This inexpensive option allows the treater to use enough PMMA to correct the significant volume loss that characterizes HIV-related lipoatrophy. Because of the relatively high cost of Artefill, not many people can afford the amount of product necessary for correction of HIV lipoatrophy.

The downside of PMMA produced in Brazil (and exported to Mexico) is the quality issue. Artefill is an extremely pure product thanks to FDA rules and regulations. PMMA from Brazil has variable particle size and this attribute appears to be associated with a greater risk of complications. That said, the most recent formulation of NewPlastic from Brazil is much better and now approaches the purity of Artefill.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!