I beg you to answer me ASAP


Hi, Friday I was diagnosed with HIV+, I went to do a routine check , and they told me that my preliminary result was HIV+ and they will give me the confirmatory result within 2 weeks, could this test result be wrong, and what is the possibility , I never practiced unsafe sex, could it be the kissing, please answer me, I didnt show any symptoms except some swelling in my lymphatic nods in my neck, its a puzzle, but I cant believe that I got it, are there cases for people who tested + then it was wrong, help explain in details, please



A positive preliminary HIV test result does not mean you have been "diagnosed HIV+"! All preliminary HIV tests (ELISA, EIA, rapid tests, etc.) require a confirmatory test, such as a Western Blot test, to be positive as well before a diagnosis of HIV+ can be made.

There are a number of reasons for false-positive preliminary HIV-antibody tests. You can read about these in detail in the archives. Have a look.

If indeed you've had essentially no HIV-risk exposures (kissing is not a risk), there is no way you could have contracted the virus. I think the chances are excellent your follow-up confirmatory tests will confirm your HIV-negative status.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob