Hi!I am a 27 year old male from Singapore! On the 6th of July which is about 11 1/2 weeks ago, I recieved unprotected oral sex from another Singaporean girl whom I met from the net. It started with French kiss followed by unprotected oral sex from her and later I put on condom. During the activity I incidently rubbed my thigh against her vagina which I am not sure whether it is wet or dry and by doing this my scab on my thigh came off. After the everything I went to the bathroom and check my wound from the removed scab and pressed it and realised there is no blood coming out with just some tranparent liquid ozzing out.There is no vaginal or anal sex.

Soon after the encounter about 5 hours later, I experience lethargy which I am not sure of the cause with only the possibility due to the late middle night walk at the park yesterday night. From then on, I panicked in fear that I might have contacted HIV from the girl. Immediately, I went online to check for symtoms for HIV and realised lethargy is included as one of them in the acute infection stage and this make me even more anxious. The next day, when I was outside shopping with my girlfriend, I felt very guilty and scared and started to lost my appetite and start to have a slight fever ,but not sure of temperature but just feeling unwell. So immediately, I called up the girl and ask her if she had any sexual encounter with other guys and she said only 2 partners. What she told me is the girl only perform oral sex on the guys and kissing. She also said if she had mouth ulcer she will not do oral sex for guys and she said she did not encounter any semen during oral sex and said she is perfectly fine and healthy and told me not to worry. But me being the worrisome type asked her to go for blood test and she agreed. 3 days after sexual encounter with the girl, as I am not working yet, I always get hinged to the computer screen looking for information on HIV, especially those acute symtoms of HIV. From that time on, I start to look often at my body for symtoms such as rashes and also in my mouth like thrush. Most of the time , I fell fatigue and lack of energy and feeling very tense over this matter and feeling cold on my hands and legs, but warm on my trunk, neck and forehead while sometimes having loose stools but only once a day in the morning. Every syomtoms which I discovered later on my body, I get very tense and afraid and will start searching the net using keywords like "rash" with "HIV" or "fatigue" with "HIV". I even got myself a thermometer to measure my temperature which yield normal range temperature. I keep measureing my temperature for sign of fever almost every hour every day. For every symtoms that I discovered, I have an urge to see a doctor. During the past 11 weeks I had seen a total of 10 doctors for all kinds of problems. One doctor I have seen is about my toungue being white on top and the doctor said that is not thrush but simply due to anxiety which lead to dryness. The 3 doctors I have seen is about swollen lymph nodes on my groin and neck but they said they could not detected any swollen lymph nodes after their diagnosis. 2 doctors I have seen about red pin spots on extremities which are the arms and the thigh area near to the knees which I thougth it might be ITP but they said these spots are wide spread and not group together so it is not of any concern. Howver the most important thing for concern is recently for the past one month, I have been having red flat patchy red rash over my trunk which comes and goes and come up especially after taking a hot shower. These rashes become more severe after bathing during my tour to Australia recently which is having very cold and low humidity weather. During the period of having red rashes, I also had bumpy rash which look like hives from what I know from the internet which also appear now and then and esepcially after bathing. To address these red rash and hives concern I visited a doctor after coming back to Singapore and the doctor could not find any cause for the red rash but to prescribe to me Zyrtec as an antihistamine medicine. After trying the Zyrtec, the rashes were gone. But once I stop Zyrtec, they slowly appear back again. So I retake Zyrtec and they dissapear again. Right now I try to stop taking Zyrtec because recently I developed some feeling that my head is heavy or stuffed up (which I thought was sinusitis which the doctor said was not )and was afraid it might be a side-effect of the long term usage of Zyrtec. As for my girlfriend , I only had a brief unprotected vaginal sex with her ,but after that it iwas with condoms and her being prone to acne suddenly had an outbreak of acne on the face and back about one week after my first brief unprotected vaginal sex with my girlfriend. I was very scared for passing HIV to her and felt extremely guilty. She soon have neck pain and sometimes headache which is what I have expereinced.

As for the HIV test, the next day, we went to the DSC clinic which is a government HIV screening centre for her HIV test. During the test, pre and post counselling and everything is performed on her with me by her side. 3 test was performed on her, namely, oral test for HIV, rapid test for HIV and ELISA test for HIV and some STDs. The rapid test came out first and was gladly negative. But in order to help you understand the reliability of this test I will tell you about her window period for this test result. Here it is: her most recent sexual encounter was 17 weeks ago with her ex-boyfriend whom she provide oral sex to, unprotected with no anal or vagina penetration.. She said she did not complain of any mouth ucler and did not get any semen. After this test, the standard ELISA test which only came out after a week was also negative. After one month after her first test (which is 22 1/2 weeks window period with her ex-boyfriend, she went for another test and again it was negative. During her second test, the counsellor told me not to worry as the girl is negative so there is no way I can get HIV. As for me, during the past 11 week of stressful period, I always wake up with my heart pounding in fear that when I see in the mirror I might noticed some new symtoms. So to assure myself, I myself also go for HIV test and took a total of 2 standard ELSIA test and 9 rapid HIV test with the recent one being 11 weeks post exposure and all negative. For your information, for the rapid test, they are using the Abott Labaratories Diagnostics rapid HIV 1/2 test called DETERMINE. The counsellor also told me not to worry as my risk are low risk.

Right now, I am feel convince that I am infected though hard facts are presented in front of me that I am not infected. The reason is because, I am afraid I might be infected by other sources and not from the girl. Reason for saying this is becuase at the hotel when we check in to have fun I saw an African couple at the lobby so I start to reaslise that the room I got might be used by the African couple previously. I start to think of possibility like the couple might have use the bottle of mineral water provided in the room as a dildo or they have done some drug sharing and have poked the mineral water bottle with their needles to wash their needles. Why am I so concern about the mineral water bottle? Reason is I drank it. What if there is infectious vagina liquids on the cap area if the bottle? Whatis there is blood in the bottle of mineral water when they poke the mineral water bottle in attempt to wash their needles? Why I am so concern about the couple being African? Reson is these Africans are more prone to have rare strains of HIV which standard antibody test could not detect. So my thinking is I might have been infected by the mineral water bottle and had a rare strain which still could not be detected by the antibody test after almost 11 weeks. The second possibility which is also small is the girl I had sex with is infected with rare strain which also cannot be detected by antibody test and she had passed it to me. But I know this is extremely unlikely because she is Singaporean and so am I and I just merely recieved oral sex beginning unprotected but later protected and also kiss with her and nothing else.Could I be infected from the wound from the removed scab?

Please kindly read through my account of what happned during the past 11 weeks and kindly give honest assesment whether I am infected or not? Should I go for further test? What is my chances of being infected? Please kindly reply to the above critical questions! I beg you please!


This is not a workplace question, so I'm not sure why you have forwarded it to us, but the answer to your question is in your question. You did not have an exposure and you are not infected, based on what you have written.

Please do not take your concerns to more doctors. Please take your concern to a licensed psychotherapist, who is the only health professional who can help you through this anxiety. It is highly likely that you will make yourself ill with something else by failing to treat the root symptom: anxiety. Thank you.