bed sheet with bodily fluids


I had a cut on my skin (blood came out) while having sex with a prostitue due to her toe nail,which i realised later , the bed sheet on the bed possibly could contain some body fluids which could have been infected because it was damp , is it possible that i could have been infected with HIV? as i am sure i must have come in contact with it (the dampened bed shit)



Striperella's toenails stabbed you to the point of bleeding? Wow, does she use those claws for climbing trees and fending off predatory beasts when she's not hooking?

I'm also wondering about the last line of your question pertaining to coming in contact with "the dampened bed shit." Was that a typo or was this a very kinky sexcapade? Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I don't really want to know.

Relax, guy. I don't see a significant HIV risk from the information you provided. However, if you see claw-lady again, I'd suggest you bring some serious toenail clippers with you or wear skin guards to bed so as not to get hooked by the hooker again. OK?

Stay well.

Dr. Bob