I applied to a flight attendant position for an airline, They schedule me a face to face interview sometime at the end of this year... I just find out that airlines DO NOT HIRE HIV+ flight attendants. Should I continue with the interview process or just stop.... and If I continue what should I do when i get to the blood test or medical exam they do? This is my dream job and I dont really wanna be turned down for my status.


I would first question your information that airlines do not hire HIV+ flight attendants. Please check your source and attempt to confirm that, as I doubt it.

In the U.S. that would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You cannot be required to take a pre-employment physical exam until after a job offer has been given.

The results of that exam cannot be used to retract the offer unless it shows that you would be unable to perform the duties of your job. As long as you are asymptomatic and/or any symptoms you have are controlled and wouldn't affect your performance, there is no reason for you not to be hired.

While the exam may not even ask or test about HIV, they will require a list of medications. Do NOT lie. List them all. They can and will refuse to hire you for not telling the truth on the exam.

I would suggest any discussion you have with the examining physician include, "Yes, but it will not have any effect on my ability to be a flight attendant." I also recommend that you ask the doctor what information goes to the employer; will they be told you are HIV+; or, as the law suggests, will they only be told whether or not you can perform the job duties.

Finally, it should be noted that, if hired, there may be issues with international flights as some destination countries have their own biases about HIV+ people, but the airline can work around that.

Good luck, Jacques