barebackin' fool


dearest dearest dr bob, im a 30yr old aussie dude and first of all i think youre a bloody legend. this site has helped me beyond belief over the last 10 weeks or so week so of hell since my potentially high risk exposures- the most concerning being unprotected vaginal sex twice ( and im uncut to boot! ) with a girl i'd consider quite high risk. i 'll try not to go into too much detail about my predicament, im aware of my chances from reading up on all your posts and i guess now its all in the hands of god. counselling would have been a life saver in this, easliy the worst time of my life- but im in a foreign country and its just not possible. i dont want to lose my girlfriend the love of my life because of my idiotic infidelities, and my only hope is that if im positive she is ok, since the only contact we've had since my potential exposure has been 2 episodes of minimal risk oral. i have found god through all of this ( and ive never been the religious type! ), and pray for all of those waiting like me for testing and of course those already positive. i have spent this time trying to get used to the idea of being positive, and that if that's my fate, then life is not over, you have helped me see that and i thank you. its getting harder the closer it comes to test time. i want to test around 10-11weeks is this too early?. i just want to know , one way or the other, anything must be better than this half world im living in! but then if im neg do i need the 6mth test? i guess early on i may have had ars symptoms- but this may have been a slight flu caught from my girlfriend. i must tell everyone that i ve battled panic attacks and constant headaches and extreme, extreme stress. 'psychosomatic' is a real thing and people never forget what extreme anxiety can do to your body and mind. you are your own worst enemy! anyway enough chatter , sorry dr bob. but youre bloody unreal and just hoping youll send some good luck karma my way. ill donate to yours and any aussie hiv/aids charities ( recommmend any?) keep up the bush bashing- im lovin it! heres to your continuuing health and lets find that cure. love from the sad and sorry aussie! :( ps.. people-no matter what for f%$&'s sake use jimmy hats! believe me its not worth it!


Hey Sad and Sorry Aussie,

Here's the scoop on testing: I'd recommend a single HIV test at three months for a definitive and conclusive result. Tests taken prior to three months are not considered definitive so why bother? Additional tests after a negative three-month result are not necessary.

The odds you did not contract HIV from your indiscretions are all in your favor. I'll gladly send my best good-luck/good-health karma that your definitive tests are negative. Can you in return give me a few quick brush-up lessons on surfing? It's been a number of years since I've been on a board, and when I get to Sydney later in the year, my Aussie mates will want to hit the beach and ride waves. I'm worried I'll wind up doing an unintentional aerial 360 after getting stuck in a tube.

Stay well, Aussie, and don't forget to follow your advice about the jimmy hats!

Dr. Bob