Barber used "used blade" while shaving my beard ?


Yesterday evening, my barber used "used blade"while shaving my beard. There are not any major cuts. I went to my doctor, He gave me titnous injection. I applied plain dettol on all the affected area. Someone suggested me to do aerobic exercises so that all dirt / bacteria/ virus will come out with lots of sweating. I ran for 4.5 km and sweat a lot. Then I came home took bath and applied after shave lotion. Am I at the risk of infecting with any disease ? How many days should I wait for before getting done any tests ?


I'm sorry this happened to you, I'm sure this was not the holiday haircut you were anticipating.

The good news here is that your barber did nothing to put you any risk for HIV. HIV must have a direct route of transmission from one person's body into the mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual intercourse or IV drug transmission are the more common routes between adults. It is not transmitted through casual contact such as hugging, touching, kissing, sharing utensils, or shaving.

The not so good news is that theoretically, the used blade could have contained other blood-borne viruses which can live outside the body. It is very unusual, yet not impossible, for Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B to be transmitted through non-sexual or non-drug means. However, in order for you to have been put at risk here it means someone else with Hepatitis would have had to have done a pretty good job of bleeding all over the blade; and then that blood would have needed a clear path to enter your bloodstream. As it stands, you said there were no major cuts and therefore there were no real opportunities for infected blood to enter your body.

The best course of action now is to continue to follow up with the provider who gave you the injection, and let them know your concerns. They will most likely want to test you for Hepatitis B and C about six weeks after this event, and possibly another six weeks after that.

But in all reality, it seems extremely unlikely to impossible that you could have acquired any diseases from the circumstances you describe above. So although this unfortunate event won't gravely impact your health, I hope it does impact who you allow to shave your face in the future.