hi. Ive recently snapped my bango string. its very painful. it hasnt healed in a week. everytime i go to have sex it keeps ripping a little bit more. do i have to go to the doctors to get it stiched up? thanks



Snapped bango string advice isn't really part of an HIV information advice forum. But even this "off topic" subject has been addressed here before. (See below.)

Dr. Bob

sex Sep 7, 2006

during sex about 2 weeks ago i sat on my boyfriends penis when i wasn't wet enough and he started bleeding saying hes snapped his spangle cord ? what does he mean and when will it be cured ??

Response from Dr. Frascino


As I often mention on this site, the answer to almost all questions posted is usually already waiting for you in the archives. All you have to do is double click.

In your case I guess it is possible that you might not know that spangle cord = bango string = frenulum. We should all try to learn something new every day. I guess today's new fact is bango string/spangle cord snapping. See below.

Dr. Bob

Bango String

Aug 14, 2006

My friend told me he snapped his bango string when having sex, i cant help being really worried. He said he lost loads of blood and its still painful. Should he go to the hospital? please reply asap! Response from Dr. Frascino


"Bango String," gosh, I haven't heard that term in quite awhile. Medically speaking, your friend most likely tore his frenulum, a little ridge of skin on the underside of the penis just below the opening to the foreskin. It's not uncommon to "snap one's bango string" (tear the frenulum) during vigorous sex, as it can become quite taut, if the foreskin is placed under a lot of tension, and then become abraded. "Bango strings" come in lots of different styles short, long, narrow, fanned-out, etc. so the risk of a tear is greater for some one-eyed monsters than others. Apart from the obvious discomfort and bleeding (a vein runs along the frenulum), there is not likely to be any significant long-term problem. However, I should note that your friend does need to be careful if this recurs, as scar tissue can form along the frenulum and become potentially problematic. I'd advise your friend to hold off on sexual activity until his trouser snake is completely healed. And then he should be a bit less acrobatic in his sexcapades. He should also use more lubrication. If he does have a recurrence, he should see his doctor for a proper evaluation of his Bango boo-boo.

Dr. Bob